Sell now logoSelling your property privately can be more profitable than involving a third party. The trend of selling property privately is on the rise with many homeowners looking to maximize profits. While this can save you money, you need some basic skills for a successful private house sale.

Home owners are different by their own rights when it comes to selling their property. They have different priorities and needs. Some lack the necessary skills and time to study the market and selling privately is not the right choice for them. For such people, they are advised to engage a professional who is experienced and has a good reputation.

However there are those home owners who conclude that they do not only want to sell their property privately, but also to a cash buyer. The decision to sell property for cash is in most cases pushed by the need to sell fast as opposed to holding on to your property and selling at the best price on a later date. But selling your property should be aimed at getting the best deal your reasons for selling your property for cash notwithstanding.

There are many step-by-step marketing skills ideas that you can use to market and sell your home like a professional. Take some time to study and get information about the current market trends in this sector, to ensure that you don’t overprice or under-price your property. Selling property to a cash buyer is a priority to many homeowners.

Here are 5 things to consider when selling your property to a cash buyer and add more value to your property for more profits:

  1. Get rid of all clutter

The first consideration when you decide to sell your property is to remove all excess stuff that has accumulated and does not add any value. This allows your buyers to see all the living space that is available and the attractive side of your home. Consider removing old items and replace bulky furniture that make the room look small. However this does not mean removing everything, some aspects of your lifestyle that are attractive can add value to the property.

  1. Fresh Paint 

Give the property a fresh look with neutral paint that makes the property warm, seem bigger and lighter. The first thing people will see when they came to see the property is the front door. Start with a fresh, bright paint to create a good first impression to potential buyers. There are many wall paint ideas with trending and unisex colours that you can use to make your property more appealing and sell fast.

  1. Clean and Fix

Give your property a thorough cleaning and do minor repairs. Clean all the floors, dust the walls and ceiling, clean the furniture and get rid of all bad odours in the house. Repair the broken fittings and furniture in the house. Replace broken tiles, door knobs, and do all other minor repairs that may make your property attractive to buyers.

  1. Update kitchen 

The kitchen is the most important room in a house and the heart of many homes. Renovate and update the kitchen with warm wall paint and replace out-dated appliances with new and functional ones. Make the kitchen look good as new with by painting the cabinets, ceiling and wall with a fresh warm vibrant paint. Replacing old kitchen counter tops and the plumbing fixtures can add value to your property significantly.

  1. Light up the house.

Cleaning all the windows and removing anything hindering natural light in the house is the first step in lighting the house. Replace broken bulbs and consider putting some mirrors in a small room to make it look bigger and lighter. You can also consider getting rid of clutter in and placing a lamp in a dark corner. A well-lit and airy house will attract more potential buyers.

These are just some of the considerations when selling property privately that can help your prepare your property for viewing and add value to it at the same time.

Selling privately and to a cash buyer comes with its own risks. Just as there are many genuine investors and home seekers looking to pay in cash, there are as many scam artists looking to defraud honest sellers. Avoid being a victim of common scams and engage professional agents with a good reputation.

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